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hand. at 96, fred stobaugh had just lost his love of 75 years, lorraine. he was determined to put his love to words with a love song. >> how did i meet lorraine? she was a car hop at the a & w root beer stand. and she brought the trays to the car. >> reporter: the year was 1938. >> well, she was the prettiest girl i ever saw. i fell in love with her right there. >> reporter: in the weeks after his loss, he read an ad in the paper about a contest. green smu recording studio in east peoria, illinois, asking readers for youtube videos of their own song. the winner would get their song produced. fred had no video, but he had that song. >> instead of a video, we received a manila envelope. it was from a 96-year-old man who said, i wrote a song for my wife. >> reporter: in his letter, fred wrote, i can't sing, i'm not a musician, but they loved his lyrics. to sweet lorraine. >> he began to cry and said, why would you do this for me? >> reporter: they told him they were going to record his song, and he tried to show them how it goes. ♪ sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do the good times o
at green shoe studios decided to do is to produce the song with professional singers free. good lorraine, i wish we could live the good times all over again ♪ >> i am barely holding it together over here myself. >> it is touching. it is. eventually the song is done. ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do the sweet times over again ♪ ♪ sweet lorraine ♪ life only goes around one ♪ but never again ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ all over again ♪ the memories always linger ♪ on you sweet lorraine ♪ and that is why i wrote her this song ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪lhe good times ♪ all over again >> it is wonderful. just wonderful. >> good. i am glad you like it. >>> i am about to massage your eyeballs with some super cool not one gopro but array of 27 go pros and this is a fire breather over the skyline of san francisco, and it is shot on an array of go pros and so basically a whole battery of go pro cameras set up and they all take a picture at the same time and with software, they can make that picture look like wrapping
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sister. and it's like that is not her there. >> lorraine demanded they order a new name plate with the correct name, however, she says rolling hills required the family to pay half of the cost about $200. >> if you won't pay half it will have to stay wrong. i told them i don't think so. >> lorraine insisted waits not the family's fault and she the should haven't to pay. rolling hills said the family signed off on the order. lorraine contacted 7 on your side we spoke with the manager. >> she didn't catch it. we didn't catch it. >> he showed us the order form with what margie's name spelled wrong in seven places. allison instead of addison and showed lorraine signed off. she says she never noticed any mistake. he says his counselors filled out the form so rolling hills ordered a new scroll free of charge. >> responsibility relies a little bit more in our shoulders than the family. who may not be entirely paying attention due to the situation. >> now, it shows margie addison resting her. >> i'm sure my sister is happen year, too. >> probably giving me thumgs up, now saying that i
there. >> lorraine demanded they order a new name plate with the correct name, however, she says rolling hills required the family to pay half of the cost about $200. >> if you won't pay half it will have to stay wrong. i told them i don't think so. >> lorraine insisted waits not the family's fault and she the should haven't to pay. rolling hills said the family signed off on the order. lorraine contacted 7 on your side we spoke with the manager. >> she didn't catch it. we didn't catch it. >> he showed us the order form with what margie's name spelled wrong in seven places. allison instead of addison and showed lorraine signed off. she says she never noticed any mistake. he says his counselors filled out the form so rolling hills ordered a new scroll free of charge. >> responsibility relies a little bit more in our shoulders than the family. who may not be entirely paying attention due to the situation. >> now, it shows margie addison resting her. >> i'm sure my sister is happen year, too. >> probably giving me thumgs up, now saying that is the way to go, sis. >> i'd like to thank rollin
of his sweet lorraine. >> reporter: fred first met lorraine in 1938 at an a&w restaurant in peoria illinois. >> well she was just prettiest girl i ever saw, fell in love with her right there. >> the couple married just two years later and their love story carried on for 73 years until lorraine passed away in april. grif-stricken, fred sat down and began to write. >> it just come write to me almost. i just kept humming it. >> reporter: he called the song oh sweet lorraine but fred doesn't play an instrument and he doesn't sing. with only lyrics, he ran across an ad for a song-writing contest. contestants had to submit their entries via youtube. >> at 96 just a little past the youtube generation, fred took a different approach. >> we received a very large manila envelope entitled singer songwriter contest. the entry stood out to jacob colegren, a producer for the studio. even though he didn't win, he was offered something far more special. >> we decided to take his lyrics and bring them to life. we are going to record your song and have professionals do this. we are
named lorraine, written by the husband who just lost his love of 75 years. but he never knew it would be put to music. here's abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: the year was 1938. fred remembers first seeing the love of his life at an a&w root beer stand. she was a car hop. the waitress delivering the food. >> she was just the prettiest girl i ever saw. >> reporter: they were married for 73 years. just this april, he lost lorraine. she was 91. not long after, he began writing a song about her. >> after she passed away, i just was sitting in the front room one evening by myself and it just come right to me almost. >> reporter: with his song written, fred then entered a contest in a newspaper looking for the best song. the winner would have that produced. fred just sent his words in. >> instead of a video, we received a very large envelope. the letter was just so heartwarming and we said, fred, we're going to record your song. >> reporter: when it was done, they invited him to listen to it for the first time. >> i've actually been nervous giving someone a song that we have taken. >> repor
of '38, lorraine spurlock. >> are you the only one at your place? >> i'm the only one i know of. >> i think you're a miracle. >> tootie has lived in the same town for 91 years. she is a cornerstone of her community, and to this day, has friends she has known for decades. >> all right, sweetie. >> well, bless your heart. how you doing? >> i don't get to see you very often, but i think a lot about you. we had some good trips, didn't we? >> we did. we had a good time. >> yeah. >> that was a pretty great day. >> it was a good day. ♪ >> this is mom's. >> oh, man. who is this guy? the guy with that mustache? >> that's granddad johnson. that's my granddad. and that's grandmother johnson. >> wow. who is this? >> that's me. >> that's you! how old were you in that picture? >> oh, probably 12, 13. >> that's you being a smart aleck. >> for as long as i can remember, tootie has been the rock in our family. but in the last couple of years, it hasn't been easy for her. my grandfather passed away 13 years ago, and ever since then, tootie has been living on her own. >> there i am in the van. right h
. like i td lorraine-- jessieever came by. well, we'll be canvassing your neighborhood, so if she did stop by your house, we're going to know about it. you know, i wish she did. then we wouldn't be sitting here getting acquainted. so where were you? i was at home with my wife. we were baby-sitting our granddaughter. you know that song, "the wheels on the bus go round and round?" ah. sang it 50 fricking times. i feel your pain. you got kids? no, just a couple of nieces. so... ( sighs ) ...why do you think she went alone? i don't know. she's been a little distracted lately. like her mind's been somewhere else. ( siren blaring ) know where he's headed. donuts, must have just come out of the fryer. you thinking about going back? ( laughs ) on the force? nah. been there. mm-hmm. no offense, but... sitting outside some skel's house sipping diet soda-- it doesn't seem like your destiny. well, my mom needed the help. mm-hmm. yeah, well, she can place an ad... you know what i mean. yeah, sure, i know. i just figured the reason you've been so quiet lately is because you were... you been thinkin
of his life, lorraine. they were married for 72 years, until lorraine passed away in april. fred heard about a song contest and wanted to submit the song he made to the love of his life. his video came in a brown envelope. the studio decided to help him put this tribute in music. take a listen. ♪ sweet lorraine i wish we could do all ♪ ♪ the good times over again oh, sweet lorraine ♪ ♪ life only goes around once but never again ♪ ♪ oh, sweet lorraine >> it is amazing. the first time fred heard it, he cried tears of joy. it's number 12 on itunes. >> i love this. love it. [ male announcer ] hurry in for labor day deals, like 10% off all major appliances $399 and above at lowe's. ♪ [ male announcer ] some people lift your spirits... the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate... makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate. sthat is why i'm through thed moon to present our latest. innovation, tempur choice. it features an adjustable support system that can be personalized with a touch of a button. so both of you can get the best sleep possi
sophia lorraine met pizza as a means to -- met pizza as a means to combat hard times. the free pizzas only come in a simple version. by now everyone in the neighborhood has heard of the free pizza. >> many people can't afford to buy simple things anymore, not even a pizza. it used to be basic. it has become an expensive pleasure. she works -- he works just a few streets away. there are not any jobs available in his profession. >> at my age you want to start planning a future for yourself, think about starting a family. but how would i be able to support a family in the current situation? >> that is why his boss has decided to give his customers a hand. eat there, and pay a day later. >> i don't want people in front of my pizzeria being threatened by a gun. not because of their smartphone or a gold chain, but because someone wants to eat a pizza. >> by now, the sophia lorenz logan is becoming popular once again in naples. just like the coffeehouse. necessity has made the neapolitans creative. forget about their worries for a moment. >> newspapers, television. wherever you turn, people
in the afternoon. most of the day will be fine sunday. monday lorraine chances again, then tuesday they go up as a strong cold front comes in. and then it really gets nice, low humidity, temperatures just a shade below normal. very pleasant weather wednesday, thursday, friday. >> and thursday the ravens first home game of the preseason, 82, low humidity. >> we'll take it, sounds good. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. have a great night. >>> can i get you anything else, mr. president? >> well, uh, no, no, i'm fine. thank you, jeremy. [ cheers and applause ] >> good night, mr. president, and congratulations again. that was very moving having your inauguration fall on martin luther king day. >> yes, that was, that was pretty special. [ laughter ] to four more years. [ clock chimes ] >> barack! barack obama! [ laughter ] >> it is i, the reverend dr. martin luther king junior -- [ applause ] and i have come to visit with you on the night of this historic inauguration. >> this is incredible. dr. king, there is so much i want to discuss with you. >> and i with you,
years, lorraine, recently, there was only one thing that kept him going. >> it was about six weeks after she passed away and just sat here kind of, you know, humming a little bit. just finally came to me. >> what came to fred, who's not a musician, by the way, was a simple, but poignant lyric. >> i called, wish we could do the good times all over again. >> reporter: he answered an ad for a song writing contest in a local paper. they were looking for video submissions, but fred is old school. and wrote it out with a letter about his lost love. >> it was a large manila envelope and started to read the lyrics and without even meeting fred, we decided we're going to do something. >> with fred's permission, he set the words to music. in a way, allowing fred's lorraine to live on. >> i'm hoping you like it. like i said, it's not done yet. but i want to let you hear it. ♪ sweet lorraine i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ >> wonderful. >> good. >> just wonderful. >> good. so glad you like it. >> wonderful. >> if i could do it over again, i would do it. >> 96 years old. still
adored his family. but there was his family, his children and his wife lorraine and then there was apple which is the -- which was his big family. and he was completely committed to making apple the most successful company on the planet earth. >> rose: and he did. >> and he sure did. and he was interested in taking a lever and moving the world. and he did. >> rose: so tell me about it. what is it about him? we recognize the fact that he loved apple, he wanted to make apple great and he did. but what was it about him that enabled them to do it other than he worked hard? >> he was brilliant. he was our edison. he was our picasso. he was incredible inventor. he could take other people's idea -- henry ford didn't invent the car but henry ford with the model t made the first affordable car that everyone loved. and everyone -- lots of people bought. he really revolutionized the industry. >> rose: you could have it in any color you like as long as it was black. >> as long as it was black. and he was obsessed in the same sense that ford with the model he was obsessed about making an mp3 player e
envelope. he ended up winning the contest is here is when he was listening to the song "sweet lorraine" for the first time ever. it's a ten-minute video. they interview him and play the song for him. he cried. they show pictures of him and his wife. it is really -- >> i love that he actually wrote it down and mailed it in. in this day and age you want to fax it, e-mail it. >> go to my twitter account. i dare you not to cry. >> i'm betty nguyen, this is "first look" here on msnbc. stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. >>> i went back and i watched videos. the videos that anybody can watch in the social media, and i watched them one more gut wrenching time. as a father, i can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up his dead child wailing white chaos swirled around him. >> the secretary of state weighs in as tough talk on syria intensifies. we'll update the when and the if as it relates to possible action. >>> also, progress made with those massive wildfires in california, and you will not believe just how many firefighters are working the blaze. of course, some say n
had turned around, they were separate. his daughter was walking on the south side of lorraine westbound, and gina was continuing to walk eastbound on the south side of lorraine. he said i did a cold-blooded thing to my daughter that day. he said that i drove past my daughter to get to gina. >> did he ever offer any remorse about his conduct? >> he did not. he was given the opportunity the second day that we interviewed him prior to taking the written statement. i explained to him that i wanted the statement to be in his words and if there was something that he wanted to put in the statement to include an apology, i would accommodate that. he did not take that opportunity, and one of the last things i did say to him on may 8th after taking the statement was is there anything that you, you could say or do to the families that would make things better? there was no response. >> and you see mr. castro in court here today. >> yes. >> would you point to him and describe what he's wearing? >> he's sitting at the table wearing an orange jump suit. >> all right, would the record indica
. watch out. lorraine mcduff had had enough of a customer's messy kids. in an act of public shaming, she posted pics of the mess that they left behind of crumbs and various other things on facebook, but the public backlash is harsh against her, to say the least, starting with one angry mom. trace gallagher is here with more. what's happening, trace? >> nobody can relate to this like you can, ali. this mom brought her 1 and 3-year-old kids into this cafe in washington near seattle and they ordered up a couple of scones, kind of crummy. the kids got crumbs on the floor and the owner, lorraine mcduff and goes by rainy. that's the crumb picture you took, really? my house looks much worse. she took this picture and posted it on facebook and then says this on the facebook quote. listen. >> i'd like to take this time to thank our customers with small children who don't make messes. >> there was a mess? >> there was a mess. >> but the real mess came next because she said to the mom, you can come back, just don't bring those kids. other moms did not appreciate the messy kids comment and then they
for the remainder of your days. you are hereby remanded for transport to the lorraine correctional institution. now for miss knight, miss dejesus and miss berry, as well as your young daughter, we celebrate your futures. we acknowledge the faithfulness of your families, your friends and all others acknowledge the families, your families and all of the others who so fervently believe. on behalf of the judges and the court, we wish each of you success and a sense of peace. we're add jushd. thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >>> and with that, court is adjourned. good day. i am andrea mitchell in washington. you have just watched the extraordinary sentencing of ariel castro sentenced to life in prison with no parole. you watched michelle knight facing her captor for 11 years, ariel castro for the first time since her rescue. >> every day i wonder if i was ever going to see them again. he was only 2 1/2 years old when i was tooken. i look at him and i see him and i cried every night. i was totally alone. >> the man who held the three women captive in his home for more than a decade pleaded gui
in several states under made up names. the u.s. attorneys office from maryland says lorraine whitehead was awarded federal contracts to provide everything from books and snowmobiles to plants and paint for the u.s. government. she then subcontracted legitimate companies to provide those goods. they were never paid. the washington examiner reports the homeland security department even issued whitehead a government credit card with little investigation into the legitimacy of her company. she racked up 40 grand in charges on that card. as part of the plea deal, whitehead must pay back $2.4 million, and hand over her audi suv. >>> friday follow-ups. the associated press issued a correction after changing a foet from president obama to correct his mistake. yesterday we told you the panchts added words parenthetically to get around the president's declaration charleston, survivor and jacksonville were on the gulf coast. today the a.p. said, it wasn't known that the president was suggesting they were. the a.p. should not have added the phrase in an effort to clarify his statement. >>> residen
months. asafa powell tested positive at the georgia may kahn championships in june. lorraine simpson also failed the test and veronica campbell brown tested positive for a banned diuretic. >>> sports jowrn joint seth do y surprise you? >> it never surprises me what happens in jamaica because i've been there for several weeks, four years ago i was researching on the jay may kahn efforts and the fight against zoning and we could see at this time, 2009, there have been absolutely almost no doping controls in out of competition periods. so i don't think that there was really a serious fight against doping and obviously there was a kind of conflict of interest at this time because the sport authorities and people from track and field from athletics in jamaica have been responsible for the antidoping and the controversy in the left, so in my point, it makes no difference because you have to divide the responsibilities in the conflict against doping. >> can you see now the georgia may kahn authorities actually going through with that -- jamaican commission? >> they have installed that in the dow
this thing started! >> can we help, mrs. pteranodon. >> awk! sure lorraine, and when we finish ours, we'll all come and help you fix up your place. >> we sure will because you know what? ♪ there's no place like our nest >> no place like our nest we've been around the mesozoic and pretty much seen the rest we might as well face it we never will replace it 'cause there's no place no place like our nest ♪ [cheering] >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott the paleontologist. nature can make some amazing kinds of weather. wildest of all are the huge swirling storms called hurricanes. hurricanes form over warm oceans, usually in the summertime. they pick up water from the ocean and grow bigger and bigger. their powerful winds can get up to 200 miles an hour. when you look at them from above, hurricanes create the shape of giant whirlpools, and in the middle of the whirlpool is a calm center that we call the eye of the hurricane. hurricanes sometimes move onto land, carrying their heavy rains and strong winds. they can cause flooding, and the intense winds can damage trees and buildings and just make
with a sexual monster. >> here in cleveland, this is 10 106 street and lorraine avenue. this is the last time anyone saw michelle knight. the year was 2002. she was just 21 years old. fast forward one year. six blocks away, right here on lorraine avenue, amanda berry had just finished her evening shift here at work. this was the eve of her 17th birthday. and she was last seen walking along this street in her burger king uniform. and then exactly one year later, 14-year-old gina dejesus is plucked off of the same street here. lorraine avenue. where michelle and amanda were taken. we've just come to this corner and just found this. i want to show you. underneath all this is a sign that says "where is gina?" this is possibly one of the original missing posters. down to the details. gina dejesus was last seen wearing a white jacket, sky blue sweater, blue jeans and a cream shirt. the details of her disappearance down to this very corner. and the reward that was offered. finally, look at this. a picture of her as a baby. this handwritten note. this is my baby. happy birthday, gina. love, mom. toda
and lorraine courier who he strangled in 2011. once caught, the fbi said he wanted the death penalty fast and killed himself rather than wait in jail. but not before he gave the fbi tantalizing slim hints about another possible three murders even his suicide note raised hopes. >> i was optimistic when we found the notes crumpled up in his hands underneath his body soaked in blood. i was hopeful that those notes were going to give us leads as to who the other victims were and where their bodies could be found. i also think that he purposely did that for us to find. however, it was just some rambli ramblings, i would describe as mostly song lyrics from what we could gather. just gibberish. >> reporter: mysteries and pain he enjoyed taking to his grave. for "outfront" nick payton walsh, new york. >>> and now the fourth story "outfront" arming newtown. tonight the governor of connecticut which is the state with the toughest gun laws in the country is being honored for his efforts to pass even further gun control measures. but this honor ironically comes as gun sales in the town of newtown hav
to lorraine in minnesota. >> caller: thank you for taking my call, mr. cramer. >> you're welcome. >> caller: i listen to and watch you all the time. i have had a an ax and sold a profit for it and now i'm wondering if i should buy some more. >> i don't want to be in latin america right now because it is emerging markets and they're being hit in this will get hit with them. dean in washington. dean. >> caller: this is been. >> you're up. >> caller: okay. hey gym. i taught my son to invest about 40 years ago. now he's buying investment guru. intel, five *and microsoft, three times. what is your opinion? >> these are no growth. intel is being buoyed by the dividend. that's terrific. microsoft had maybe a new ceo. these are not stocks i can get behind because they don't have the growth. let's go to art in wisconsin. >> caller: hello, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> absolutely. >> my question is on mylan laboratories. >> i'm surprised it's doing as well as it is because it's a commodity player that does generics. i want to sell that name. i don't see the value added. bob in florida. >> caller: j
: sure, it works. watch. duck! (all yell) (glass shatters) uh-oh. (groans) alice: sorry, mrs. lorraine! td: well, some of the pieces are missing. that's okay. and the spinner's broken. i don't mind. and i lost the rules, and someone scribbled on the lid and... and you like it too much to sell it. is it okay if i keep it? not a problem. how much for this vampire doll? oh, um, let me think. hey, helen, look how much money i made from all that junk! me too! (td grunting and groaning) td's the only person who comes away from a yard sale with less money than he started with. alice: and more junk. and you said nobody would buy that slobbery old stick. thanks for lending me the wagon, mrs. lorraine. no hay problema, td. i wonder what his mother is going to say. rubbish? uh, is rubbish something that's really, really valuable? nope. guess again. um... "rubbish" means garbage? bingo. i just hope you didn't pay money for all this junk. no way. (sighs) thank goodness. i borrowed money to pay for all this junk. td... and i bartered for some of it. plus, some of the people who came to the sale said
penalty case. >> he's going to spend the next few decades -- he's in his mid 50s right now -- at lorraine, ohio, in a prison there. we assume he's not going to be in general population. that will be pretty dangerous for him. will he be in isolation all these years down the road? what happens to a monster like this in jail? >> there are a couple different reasons why ohio may segregate him or put him in ad seg or whatever their equivalent is. one is he's a known child sex offe offender. i would expect he would be segregated. and when you are segregated like that, you're usually confined to a small cell 23 out of 24 hours a day, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, with limited exercise. to many that is a really cruel fate and a really tough life to live. virtually no human contact. he won't got it. >> thanks for sticking around. we have more to discuss. other situations we're discussing here, edward snowden. he leaves the moscow airport for the first time in 39 days. what's next for him? >> and 50 pounds of ground beef shipped all over the united states recalled. that's next. find out
on a bizarre charge of marriage fraud. lorraine mcnair is facing exploitation of the elderly charge after police say she obtained a fraudulent marriage license, marrying her boyfriend who was in a coma. derek mcnair suffered a heart attack. >> this man did his time for our country. he, you know, served. here he is incapacitated. she took it upon herself off to victimize him after everything he has done for the country. >> mother and son are jailed on each $100,000 bond until their court date september 9th. >>> developing story from southern california this morning. two workers are stuck in a sign high above the street. workers in an elevated basket on top of an auto mall sign. this is happening in glendora, california. fire usag extension ladder to >>> transit workers in california's bay area threatening to walk off the job again if they don't reach a deal on a new contract. they shut down the san francisco b.a.r.t. system for four days last month. both sides are battling over health care costs. the strike would begin sunday evening. that would make a mess of the monday morning commute. >
. that's to the lorraine facility or institution, as it's called, correctional facility. the best way to describe that, about 30 miles to the west of this city, it's kind of the welcome center for lack of a better word to the ohio penitentiary system. there he's going to undergo some evaluation. physical and mental. that kind of gets to the issue he was trying to bring up yesterday as per his attorneys, that he suffers this kind of sickness, this addiction. it's possible that evaluation could be made. after that then they're going to try to determine, all right. where does he get warehoused, as it were, for about 1,000 years? essentially they'll look at the various sites around the state of ohio. they also have ones that are specifically set up to handle violent sexual offenders. he may go there. his family is concerned he needs to stay out of the general population because he may be considered the kind of trophy kill to other potential inmates. they're very worried about his safety. that determination as to whether he'll be isolated or not has not been made. >> you're telling me you
in france -- it's kind of like a quiche lorraine. same exact ingredients over served over chicken. what do you got? >> wow. >> chicken cordon bleu. look at that. >> these are fantastic. >> at name that game -- name the meatball game. >> everybody -- >> everybody is the winner. >> we brought you some prizes. >> you did? >> we did. >> oh, my gosh. so that you can be -- we brought you meatball hats. >> and just so everybody knows out there we are taking a little migration out to los angeles to do a little pop-up. meatball pop-up. >> we had 54 meatballs and counting. >> we now have 60. >> last night -- >> we have 60 meatball and rotate them all the time. you can find a lot of them here. >> always something new. >> if you can't get to the restaurant, try to make them on your own. >> on your way to new york, on your way to l.a. >> we're just going out to l.a. for one night opening up in venice beach. going to be amazing and if you're in l.a., make it to the meatball hot spot. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. >> our website on goodmorningamerica.com on yahoo! we'll be right back. [ c
to end with you today is with the words of lorraine hansberry. passage from walter lee younger that talked about the american dream. your dad is going to make a business transaction that will change all of our lives. one day, when you are 17 years old, i will pull the car up in the driveway, with white walls and no black tires. hello jefferson, how are you this evening. i will go inside and ruth will come downstairs. you will kiss each other and she will take my arm and we will see you sitting on the floor with a catalog of all of the grade schools in the world around you. i will say, it is her 17th birthday. what have you decided? come and what you want to be. whatever you want to be, you name it and i will hand you the wall. rain hansberry and said, this is not a negro play. this could be a play about anybody. >> i had not noticed the contradiction because i had been under the impression that negroes are people and ultimately, we desire the same things that other people want. stable families, stable communities, decent housing, freedom from oppression. freedom is not free. as
at the lorraine motel on the balcony. he went down to memphis that week to stand with sanitation workers who were simply trying to organize a local union 1707 the american federation of county and municipal employees. when we were covering it, there were protests. for young people who are thinking now the issues were very great. it was much more clear black and white back then and i think people should think again. afscme was founded in 1932 in wisconsin and what were people protesting blacks the right to organize. dr. king died for that right. most people in this country don't realize is "i have a dream" speech. >> i've may not make the mountaintop address. he was there to stand with sanitation workers simply organizing. a year to the day before he died in april 4, 1967 at riverside church dr. king gave another address that didn't get as much attention after he died. it was hard fought for by people all over the country and state by side. on april 41967 dr. king addressed riverside church. thousands gathered there and he said sadly his country the united states is the greatest purveyor of violen
. >> whoa. >> let's look at the other side. >> the cafe owner, lorraine mcdid you have had to say about it. >> we love kids. it's not a matter of not liking kids. again, it's about executing my rights to refuse service to anybody. >> okay. so they went to yelp, the woman's whose kids were there to review her bad cafe experience. this has generated a lot of debate online. natalie, you are a mother with two presumably very messy boys. >> they're messy. i generally, though, a small cafe like that, you clean up a little bit. you bus your own table. i usually pick up after my kids. i think a lot of us do. that did not look like that big of a deal to me. a couple of must have incrumbs. >> they ordered scones. the driest pastry on the planet. britain has given us a lot of good things. that's the least of them. >> i love the scone. with the cream, yeah. >> you know why
is the last speech. when he was assassinated on about any of lorraine motel in the breast pocket of his suit jacket was an outline of a sermon that he was preaching that coming sunday. wasoutline of the sermon entitled "why america may go to hell." you ain't going to hear that this weekend, but that is what he was going to preach. i wish i could have gotten a hold of that sermon. i don't know what text he was going to use. i decided to use my anointed imagination and give text to it in order to answer your question. the text i believe he would use is matthew chapter 25 when jesus said, listen, at the end, here's what is going down. i will separate the sheep from the goats. he will says that separate nations, not individuals, because often times we get called up in individualistic gospel as opposed to dealing with structures and systems. so when jesus separates the sheep from the goats, he is separating nations and he says, first you give me -- impressions , when tim to see about me you did it to the least of these, you did it also unto me. jesus is basically saying, if you did me wrong, you
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